Monday June 29, 2020. 10:34pm

Born as a queer in a world of the straight.
Others can't be themselves cause the norm is common
Out and about expressing where you can’t be heard
While giving a straight head
Unable to love, the world wants what's common

Looking for love that is caution
Fall off the moon, the earth isn't spinning
It may be the end but not for love
Found love that isn't mine
Combine with lust lined up all around and I simply want one

Want a guy who will be able to love me while he hurts me
After I randomly begged him not to leave ever again then
The next day he leaves
When he did so that last time
It didn't hurt at all
I watched you leave
Although I have always been in love with you from the first time I met you
But he told me that he loves me then ghosted me again

If this is the end I want a boyfriend
If not you, a boy like you
One who will make you feel like you do, lose my way around and love me

-Atlehang Mnisi

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